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The English Civil Wars (1642 - 1651)

A battle between the divine right of the Crown and the political rights of Parliament


The English Civil Wars consisted of a series of armed conflicts and political manoeuvrings  between the Royalists (known as Cavaliers) lead by King Charles I, and Parliamentarians (known as Roundheads) during the years 1642 to 1651. 




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The accession of Charles I in 1625, England and Scotland had both experienced relative peace, both internally and in their relations with each other, for as long as anyone could remember. 


Charles hoped to unite the kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland into a new single kingdom, fulfilling the dream of his father, James I of England (James VI of Scotland).

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A series of events, each seemingly minor on their own, led to a serious breakdown between Charles and his English Parliament, and eventually to civil war.

However, many English Parliamentarians had suspicions regarding such attempts to expand his own power, they feared that setting up a new kingdom might destroy the old English traditions that had bound the English monarchy.


Their suspicions had some justification as Charles expected outright loyalty and considered any questioning of his orders as, at best, insulting.

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