The Putney Debates Quest 2011


Roundheads and Cavaliers Putney pub crawl Quest

 A Wandsworth Heritage Festival 2011 event, produced by Putney Town Centre Partnership and Pubwatch Putney

on Saturday 4 June: 5pm - 8.30pm

In aid of The Royal Hospital for Neurodisability, Putney

30 teams of 4 people are invited to take part in this event. 15 teams will be Roundheads and 15 Cavaliers. Each team are invited to wear an appropriate hat (colanders or large black Puritan stove hats for roundheads, and feathered fedoras for Cavalier royalists). Not essential! .  

Teams will gather at the Star and Garter at 5pm to receive a briefing pack with details of the next pub on the route of the 10 pubs they will need to visit. Each team will be given a different route and every  pub will be declared a Roundhead or Cavalier venue.

At the time of The Putney Debates, King Charles I was imprisoned at Hampton Court whilst Cromwell and the New Model Army debated the future of the constitution and kingdom at St Mary's Church. The quest proposes the idea that King Charles has escaped and is hiding in one of the Putney pubs. 

Each team needs to find out whether they are in a Roundhead or Cavalier venue. Photo of a Royalist or Cavalier will be hidden somewhere in the pub, and King Charles will be hiding in ONE pub. Teams will be given a clue at the pub to solve based on The Debates while they have a drink there before proceeding to the next pub.

Upon arrival at the final pub (at 8pm sharp) the winning team will be announced to be those who have solved the most number of clues and correctly identified the allegiance of each pub, and in the shortest time, and to have submitted the most convincing reason as to which side they would have taken in The Civil War. Leading Civil War historians from The Wandsworth Society will help in the judging.

Prizes will be offered by the pubs, and donated items raffled such as  local works of art, DVDs of Putney Debates, PS history books, brewery items &  pub meal vouchers.

Sign up today!

 Each team will pay 5 to enter the competition by booking in advance:  Jesse Hartshorne 020 8788 0345.

The event is raising funds for The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, West Hill, Putney - which aims to raise 2m annually for patient lifestyle support.

Watch this site for background clues to the Quest and visit the exhibition at St Mary's



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